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Chuck vs Bo

Not willing to completely coast for the remainder of the series, “Chuck vs Bo” shows the fans that there’s never just “one last mission.”

Most of the episode does play out as an epilogue centered around what exactly happened while Morgan was going off the deep end as the Intersect. We find out that one of his crazy nights, he ended up in at a lodge in Vail to party and has a torrid encounter with non other than 1970s sex symbol Bo Derek (10) herself, who turns out has been using her acting fame to pass as a real life spy.

While Bo Derek is quite a bit before my time, the rest of the gang are immediately in shock at the revelation that Morgan has landed not only a post Alex affair, but with a 1970s sex symbol that the guys all fantasized about as young teens. None can believe it, but we get to see some great comedy bits out of Sarah as she relentlessly teases Chuck about his “girlfriend” Bo.

Otherwise, the whole episode follows along a trail of clues left by Morgan himself (Hangover style) as they attempt to find the lost intersect glasses, which is a bit of confusion for me. I thought the intersect glasses didn’t work anymore and only had one charge? Also, I guess Morgan stole the glasses when he left for Verbanski Corp as well, which I think they failed to mention anywhere.

As an episode it starts what is likely to be the final story line of the series with the final bad guy, Nicholas Quinn (Angus Macfadyen, Braveheart), a former CIA agent who was the original subject to test the intersect before Bryce stole it and sent it to Chuck. Without the intersect all those years ago, he ended up captured and tortured for a year until he turned, starting his own evil spy agency. It felt like an odd plot connivence though to make note that all the groups he worked for were the groups that Chuck and the gang actually took down over the show’s run, fueling a natural hatred for Chuck and his desire to obtain the intersect.

Meanwhile, on the Jeff and Lester front, it was funny to see them put their stalking skills to good use as they tracked the team to all their mission points, despite Casey’s best efforts to throw them off the trail. I guess Casey’s biggest failing was he forgot about the alcohol on the breadth. I did wonder why he continued to run the same gambit every time when it obviously wasn’t working.

Fortunately for everyone, Jeff and Lester finally got what they wanted, the truth that everyone is intact a spy, full of the gunplay and danger involved. A truth that maybe is best left unknown.

With three episodes left (next week plus a two hour finale), we don’t have much time to wrap up the end of the show, but fortunately we also don’t have to sit though endless epilogues for the rest of the series as this new threat and what is likely the final Intersect comes into play.

Other Observations

  • So Morgan stole the glasses on his way out? And weren’t they non functional anyways?
  • X-13 Gas is a common plot device this episode, which, with many nods to Men in Black makes a person forget the last 24 hours.
  • “Parents can’t be shooting the paperboy.”
  • “I mean, you get shot a lot.” “Not considering how much I get shot at.”
  • “Bartowski and grimes and casey and that whorey blonde.” — Ouch.
  • “Looking at some new possible offices spaces above ground…we can have windows!”
  • “You’re no longer a perfect 10.”
  • “Looks like all roads lead to the buy more.” “I’m never getting out of this place.” — Poor Casey.
  • The staff of the Vail Buy More eerily mirrored the Burbank one, including female Lester and Big Michelle.
  • “One think you can count on. Buy More laziness.” — I always wondered what a certain blue big box retailer thinks of these digs.
  • Big Mike comes with turkey BLTs from Subway…from the fresh fit menu!
  • Sarah + Intersect = Ass-kicking awesome hotness.

Gratuitous shot of Sarah

Sarah in her red nightie.

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