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Mr. Dimaggio

With the third episode “Mr. Dimaggio”, Smash has slowed down quite a bit in terms of interest and story progression.

“Mr. Dimaggio” felt like a jarring departure from the driving motivations and intensity of the first two episodes of the series. Centered around the casting of the male lead, this episode spends quite a lot of time going into the various secret relationships the characters have had. It might be considered a parallel to the secret lives Dimaggio and Monroe wished for as Mr. and Mrs. Smith, which the episode cleverly ties together with its final musical number.

Overall, the episode itself doesn’t really drive anywhere or have nearly the same intensity that revolves around the competitive nature of casting. I think without that driving nature, the show could be in for some trouble as it’s the competitive conflict that makes things interesting. I really enjoyed the fiery competitiveness between Ivy and Karen, but without such, the show feels slow…mediocre. Even tonight’s musical numbers left something to be desired, with “Redneck Woman” being of some humorous value.


By Kien Tran

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