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Tonight’s episode “Karma” bring to close a major show element that has been around since the beginning of the series while returning a little to where the show started.

With Ted moving out of the apartment and giving it back to Marshal and Lily, we see Ted letting go of the last remnants of his previous life of the last 7 years. It’s somewhat of a bittersweet scene where on one hand, we are sad to see him leave what we’ve known has his home for so long, yet on the other hand, we finally can have some hope for Ted moving on with his life.

The idea of moving on with our lives seems to be the common theme for the season so far. We have Robin and Barney moving on from each other, only to nearly return to each other, Marshal and Lily getting ready for their first child, and now we have Ted moving out for new pastures (likely going to the house he bought). In a way, it’s almost as if the writers are guiding the long time fans of the show towards a quickly approaching conclusion to a story we’ve followed for so long. We obviously don’t know when the show will end, but with a possible end after next year, the show needs to start moving to a resolution.

We’ve grown with this show for so many years now, and it only feels natural that we, like Ted, have a need or a change of scenery, a change of pace. When Ted talks about the ghost of himself haunting the apartment, we can’t help but consider that maybe he’s referring to the show itself and some of the ridiculousness that has happened in the show’s history. With every new episode rapidly moving towards the final revelation, it really feels like we are nearing the end of the story.

Other Observations

  • “Even in a city of 8 million people, there’s no escaping karma”
  • “I would rather set myself on fireā€¦” – Robin on moving to Long Island.
  • When robin wakes up, Lily has a iron worker mallet instead of a croquet mallet.
  • Ted’s new hobbies
    • Grilling his own meat
    • Woodworking
    • Pottery
  • “Both of our jobs are largely financed by drunk asian businessmen.” – GNB vs Lusty Leopard
  • Snugget

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