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The Broath

After a few weeks off, Ted and the gang are back as Ted tries to see what happened to the absent Barney.

It turns out that Barney has been having the time of his life with Quinn and it’s time to introduce her to the rest of the group. But before, Barney has to invoke the full power of the bro-code to ensure Ted keeps Quinn’s occupation a secret. Of course he immediately blabs to the gang, which sets off a brilliant chain of events.

Barney and Quinn hatch a plan to torment the gang, for no other reason than it’d be fun. Involving a whole master plan culminating in not only Robin and Lily but also Marshal and Ted having to kiss, Barney and Quinn show their brilliance when they work together. The thing that makes Barney and Quinn work so well is they are such similar persons that both thrive on the chaos of life. It’s a great dynamic and leaves a lot of questions about whom Barney ends up marrying this year.

Meanwhile, the episode itself drops a few thoughts of humor with Marshal attempting to one up the guys with crazy sex stories, all of which involve Lily disturbingly. Ted and Robin are still walking on eggshells as well, with both fighting for Quinn’s apartment. Robin has been living with Patricia, but the real treat is to see Ted moving back into university housing with three neighbors named Ned, Martin, and Millie. Of course they look suspiciously familiar.

The episode drops a few huge bombs that bring a lot of questions. First, Ted mentions that he won’t see Robin for a long time, implying that Robin is taking a long break from the show. If she’s gone, she obviously will have some trouble getting together with Barney. On the other hand, Quinn dropped some serious hints to Barney about marriage, which gets him into his thinking look.

I actually do like Quinn, and I think she’s actually an equal match for Barney, similar to how Robin once was. We all look for our match in life, and we know exactly when we find them. It feels like Barney finally found his, and this might be answer he was looking for all this time. The season isn’t over yet though, and there is still plenty of time for some curveballs involving Robin.

End the end, there are a lot of changes this episode. Robin leaves, Ted moves into Quinn’s apartment (as a new regular set obviously), Quinn moves in with Barney, and Marshal and Lily finish out the old apartment with their own style.

Are we about to have a huge surprise for the end of the season? What is the plan? With only a few episodes left, I guess we’ll have to see. At least we now know Ted’s middle nameā€¦.

Other Observations

  • “Baby, you’re like 20 slutty chicks all rolled into one”
  • Ted Evelyn Mosby
  • The Quin-tervetion motif returns.
  • Longtime fans (and Lily) finally get a shot of Lily and Robin kidding a little bit, not to be outdone by Ted and Marshal.
  • “I just worship chaos”


  • Barney is Ceasar in the time of Bro-me.
  • “Who am i to judge anyone, i’m the devil”
  • The Broath, the sacred vow between bros placed on the bro-code.
  • “My friends, however awesome, can be presumptuous, meddlesome, and downright destructive”
  • Barney (and Lily) finally get to see Lily and Robin kiss, and has a bonus of Ted and Marshal kissing to lord over them forever.

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