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Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts

Community returns with the same insane energy that we all love and weren’t even sure would ever see again!

“Urbran Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts” follows the gang as Shirley and Andre get remarried and the antics of planning a wedding in the study room. Of course being Community, we have to utilize the study room as a primary set focus, however insane it might be as a venue. Interestingly, the study room actually looks really good setup for a wedding, which is surpassing consider it was none other than anti-everything Britta who created it.

It makes perfect sense actually, in the context of Community and life in general. Who else would be best at planning a wedding other than the woman who hates the concept of marriage more than anyone in the universe. Hilariously, she even planned the whole wedding with a layer of contempt at the situation, disgusted at the fact her genetic disposition to be “Betty Crocker,” and lamented her predefined singular role as a conformist “Stepenfwolf” wife.

Jeff and Britta’s rants were, as noted by the de-wierded Troy and Abed, oddly meta, with Britta ranting on her destiny and the entrapment of marriage while Jeff counter argues on the lie that is marriage keeps anyone together. Interestingly, it reveals that Jeff’s pre deposition to sarcasm as a self-protection mechanism is partly in due to the abandonment by his father while on the other hand, Britta came from a long line of “mothers and wives” and seeks to break away from the conformist need for a man to provide.

All the other little story lines just add to the general ambience of the episode. Troy and Abed’s de-wierding creates this odd persona that reminds me of a pair straight out of Mad Men. Fortunately, it was so normal that I would almost consider it one of their weirdest role-plays yet. (Though crab walking home was a good one). We also see that the aftermath from Chang burning down the coffee shop leads to a great new show sponsor, Subway! Will Subway do for Community what it did for Chuck?

Community returns strong after a worrisome winter hiatus, and I hope that the NBC execs see a good response to the show as the fan base is rabid, however small.

Other Observations

  • “Wireless racism. the future of the past is now.”
  • “Analogy. it’s a thought, with another thought’s hat on.” – It’s hilarious that the ever failing Britta came up with an analogy that actually works.
  • “We don’t call anything by it’s name, that’s like day one floral school” – For real.
  • Jeff: “Annie, i need your help” Annie Squees
  • Things in Jeff’s heart, Women, cars, booze…and Annie…and Annie’s Boobs…not the monkey.
  • Speaking of Annie’s Boobs, the monkey makes a cameo as Inspector Space time goes off on another adventure in the air conditioning vents.
  • The Lindberg Lean looks weirdly cool.

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