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Good Crazy

“Good Crazy” is an episode centered around the whole idea that those we love make us do strange and down right crazy things from three perspectives, the ones we will love, the ones we love now, and the ones we lost.

All the story lines actually revolve around this time equally. In Marshal’s case, he’s started to freak out a bit about not being prepared for the baby which is coming any day now. As such, he’s gone into overdrive preparedness mode which is almost a bit silly. I mean, what crazy person would intentionally start waking up at random 3 hour intervals in order to prepare themselves for their newborn. I guess on one hand though, it’s does make sense, but on the other hand, its just plain crazy.

In Barney’s case, he constantly has to come to terms with the idea that Quinn is a stripper, and that strange men constantly ogle her as part of her job. It’s ironic as it’s a role that he often found himself in in the past anyways. But for some reason, Barney just has this crazy desire to “save” Quinn from her stripper life, despite the fact she doesn’t want to be saved. It does show Barney’s resolve to be with Quinn in the long haul. I just hope his crazy doesn’t ruin it for himself as we are all want to do when we are in love with someone.

In Ted’s case, we see the lingering after effects of his self imposed separation from Robin. After you’ve been with someone in such a close way for so long, it’s difficult for anyone to separate themselves from the thoughts of that loved one. Ted, like any of us, sees Robin everywhere in everyone. It’s easy to tie events and bits of sensory information to chain them to the ones we lost, such as a smell, a sound, a comic book hero.

In two weeks, we’ll finally get to meet the new baby in the one hour season finale as well as a look into the future. I don’t know much about the season finale, as I can’t read the press release without risking total spoilers. (There was a giant header that states Barney’s wife is revealed and to not read the guest cast list.)

Other Observations

  • Ted’s dates
    • Robyn who likes scotch, guns, and Canada her native land.
    • Tattooed girl who likes lasagna, that Robin made that one time.
    • Holly, normal girl who had an ex-fiance named Wayne, with bad manners. Wayne Manor, Bruce Wayne, Batman, Ward of Boy Wonder….Robin!
  • “Please help me off the couch so I can storm out”
  • In typical sitcom fashion, Lily goes into labor five weeks early while Marshal is in Atlantic City!


  • Barney laid out a trap for Ted for when he went online dating.
  • Barney setting Ted up with Robyn is just cruel.
  • Condolence high-five.
  • Executive Strategy Coordinator
    • Three corporate sounding words put together to create a fake job
  • Return of the duckie tie!

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