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Now We’re Even

“Now We’re Even” gives us a little insight into the life of a single guy, namely Ted, living on his own.

It’s been a few weeks since Ted and Robin went their separate ways, and Ted’s finally gotten settled in Quinn’s old apartment, perhaps a little too settled though. Though admittedly, Ted has the right idea about the benefits of living alone. There has been many a time where I just don’t care how I look or where I tossed things when I lived on my own.

Staying at home doing nothing is fun for a while. Running around constantly from one event to another can get exhausting. Having the option to stay home alone and vegetate is a wonderful choice sometimes. Sometimes though, like Barney, we still need that life excitement to keep our minds off of the things that worry us.

It’s further confirmation that Barney and Quinn are going to end up together permanently though, as we’ve never seen Barney is such a state. The whole idea of Barney even freaking out as he is is a sign of serious growth and even real love. I’m glad to see Barney growing up. With only a few more episodes left this season, we’re sure to get to the bottom of the wedding mystery soon.

Other observations

  • The Lily sex dream and Robin being famous plot lines were pretty mundane. A little humorous but overall they don’t’ add much.
  • Vermilion..the color of carnal shame. I should keep that in mind when I buy some new clothes.
  • “When do i get to be crazy again?” “Never”
  • Haven’t seen Ranjit in a while, it’s nice to see him again.
  • I would think picking up a girl while you are wearing a dress would be easier than you would think.


  • Barney has spent the last 5 years trying to inception Lily to have a sex dream about him.
  • Make every night legendary
    • Night we started a mariachi band
    • Night we ate everything on the menu
    • Night we brought a horse into the bar
    • Night we bungee jump off the statue of liberty
  • “I took off my panty hose while i showed her panties, my hose”

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