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Lobster Crawl

How I Met Your Mother Lobser Crawl In tonight’s episode, Robin comes to a realization, Barney has an epiphany, and Lily and Marshal hire Ted to watch Marvin.

I never thought I’d get tired of the whole Robin and Barney storyline, but it has come to that point fairly quickly in “Lobster Crawl”. Now that Robin realizes she wants Barney for reasons she doesn’t even understand, we see some of the worst out of her we’ve ever seen. I expected this bimbo lovestruck persona out of Ted but not Robin. It’s just painful to watch really, though I have to admire Barney’s unflinching nature when exposed to her crazy. Perhaps though it is a result of years of mental hardening to the crazy women he’s met.

The whole story itself doesn’t make a lot of sense. I don’t even recall hearing old Ted’s narrative telling how this particular story relates to meeting the mother. How would Ted know what was going on in Robin’s head with her self conflict? While I do know that Barney and Robin returning together is instrumental to meeting the mother, it’s these details that are getting tried and nonsensical.

Meanwhile, we do get to spend some time with the typical clingy crazy Ted. With the GNB building complete, Ted really doesn’t have anything else better to do, and as such turns to babysitting Marvin. Though in typical Ted fashion, he’s taking it way overboard, so much that he’s scrapbooking all of Marvin’s firsts that Lily and Marshal should be experiencing, and dressing baby Marvin up in all his firsts wardrobe, including a Cleveland Brown’s fan outfit (the ultimate insult to a Minnesota Viking’s diehard)!

Overall, “Lobster Crawl” was a fairly lackluster episode with a few gags which is making me wonder if the writers even have any real direction towards the end of the series next spring.

Other Observations

  • How come we didn’t have some big party for the GNB building opening?
  • “We’re drinking with our baby in a bar.”
  • Ted abbreviates words when he gets excited
  • Why did they say “A few years later” when we KNOW it was 2015
  • Lily gets her revenge by taking Ted’s daughter to meet Santa while he’s gone
  • Robin dressed as Lara Croft is pretty stellar
  • Part of Lily’s master plan was to get a little freaky with Robin, until Robin brought someone from work.


  • Bro-bibs – A bib that looks like a suit.
  • and both do exist of course
  • Cornelius was the name of one of his red ties.

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