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The Fortress

himym-8x19 “The Fortress” delves into the finer details of Barney’s long time bachelor apartment, including all of the tricks, traps, and special features especially handy for a sociopathic womanizer.

The episode as a whole doesn’t give us much in terms of story or laughs, but it does provide some humorous insights into some of the crazy modifications Barney has made to his apartment (outlined below). In the end, aside from a silly “Woodworthy Mannor” sub plot (which is obviously a “Downton Abbey” knock off) leading to a Marshal and Ted gay marriage bit, the episode as a whole is pretty weak, and maybe the weakest of the whole season.

Other Observations

  • Robin and Barney’s wedding is weeks away. Next year, what will the timelines be?
  • “There was no ballet. We were going to sneak into your apartment and bang.”
  • “Man I’m faced. I ate a tone of caviar but it didn’t’ soak up any of the champagne”
  • How would a green screen over the window fool someone, as they wouldn’t be able to see anything but a green screen? 😛


  • Customizable view window
  • Escape chute
  • Scale and body fat calculator under the welcome mat
  • Ejector type bed
  • Voice activated sprinklers
  • Superman style floating head projector.

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