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Bad Crazy

himym-8x16 Bad Crazy We get a closer look at Jeanette in tonight’s episode “Bad Crazy” and see how the true depths of her crazy.

After Ted’s weak willed attempts to break up with Jeanette, we see that even the hint of a break up can really set her off. Though I think a lot of us can relate to Ted’s reaction to this pure and unmitigated crazy, pure an stupid attraction.

I think everyone has been in that relationship where you fall madly with the wrong person for all the wrong reasons, but you just can’t help yourself. Ted’s relationship with Jeanette is exactly this. She’s the ultimate in crazy psycho girlfriend, yet the pure attraction between Ted and Jeanette is undeniable, and a poison on his life. Obviously, we’ve seen the final result of this relationship, Ted’s apartment on fire and his stuff tossed out burning onto the street.

Meanwhie, Robin’s storyline is centered around the real concept of adverse fear of holding Marvin, a fear a lot of young single adults can relate to. Babies are the miracle of life and the gift of a good relationship, yet their fragility and purity can freak out the most hardened of people, fearing their own clumsiness in harming the precious infant.

It leads to a humorous bit of future storytelling as Robin recounts the tale of the day Lily left Marvin with Robin alone. In each scene over the next 17 years, it brilliantly tweaks both Robin and Lily’s hair and wardrobe to be more and more mature. The slow reveal is great though as we find out the “old lady” that Robin had pick up Marvin was really Mike Tyson, eventually a Senator of New York.

Overall, “Bad Crazy” is a fun romp with the gang, though ultimately ends up feeling very episodic in the grand scheme of the overall storyline.

Other Observations

  • How did Robin, Marvin, and Tyson make it to the strip club and back again in the time Lily tracked down the pacifier?
  • “I could eat you up” – Mike Tyson
  • “You want to know why a girl acts crazy, look at the guy she’s dating, then you’ll really see some crazy.”
  • Mike Tyson eventually becomes a Senator.


  • “I’ve dated tones of crazy girls and not once have i ever treated them with anything other than….oh right I’m a monster.”
  • Barney adds a brilliant bit of comic aside in the form of a cuckoo clock commenting on Jeanette’s personality.
  • “Cray cray gotta go bye bye before you get stabbed stabbed”

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