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Brooklyn Nine-Nine – The Funeral Review

Brooklyn Nine-Nine brings on the laughs in the season premiere followup “The Funeral.”

After Jake and Amy killed their new Captain Dozerman last week, things have been quite rocky at the nine-nine. With the Vulture in charge, everything the squad held dear is under attack including Jake’s dream job of being a detective. Overall the plot episode itself meanders a bit with a number of quick wit gags and an unlikely foe of a bagpiper as Jake and Amy try but fail to outmaneuver the Vulture.

Meanwhile, we see Holt return to the Nine-Nine to give remarks at the wake only to find himself in a spiral of drunken depression once he realizes he can’t come home again. By far the best moments of the episode have to center around Holt and Terry’s drunken conversations. While horrifically depressing, their existential crisis have an air of tragic humor that only Andre Braugher can deliver.

Other Observations

  • Once again Scilly’s butt is the downfall of this precinct.
  • I got what I deserved…a vegan…a gluten free VEGAN!
  • And now for a message of hope. Everything is garbage.
  • Emotional intercorse
  • G-Spot. Ugh.
  • Amy is really turned on by Jake’s Captain Holt impression, which is disturbing on so many levels.
  • The new holt chugs bogilaje from a burgundy without a care. Oh it’s a saturn glass…the alcohol has rendered me a simpleton.
  • I’ll meet you alright…M.E.A.T

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