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Minority Report – Hawk-Eye Review

“Hawk-Eye” sees it’s first demos in Minority Report but can it save the day?

For the first two episodes of Minority Report, we’ve been teased of a new crime prediction computer system a-la “The Machine” from Person of Interest, and this week we get to see it in action. As expected, Hawk-Eye, the all seeing computer eye, predicts that a wealthy entrepreneur is at major risk of being a murderer and our duo of Dash and Vega head out to stop him.

In reality, Hawk-Eye is a thinly veiled way to give our pre-cog the ability to pal around with Vega in the open without raising the suspicion of the department. As a civilian analyst working with the Hawk-Eye data, Dash get’s to “remember” information passed down by Hawk-Eye as he and Vega run around the city doing the typical buddy cop police work they do.

Where in the first too episodes, we did have a decorum of danger involved with keeping Dash a secret, but now even police tech Akeela is in on the action. Everyone gets to have a little VCR watching session at Wally’s hideout while we watch the worst “who done it” videos of all time and try to figure it out backwards.

MINORITY REPORT: L-R: Dash (Stark Sands) with Det. Will Blake (Wilmer Valderrama) “Hawk-Eye”  FOX. CR: FOX. © 2015 FOX Broadcasting.
MINORITY REPORT: L-R: Dash (Stark Sands) with Det. Will Blake (Wilmer Valderrama) “Hawk-Eye” FOX. CR: FOX. © 2015 FOX Broadcasting.

While I understand there is still some kind of overreaching story arc going on, I’m afraid I’m not sure if anyone even likes the pre-cogs enough to care at this point. Dash is naive as they get, while his brother Arthur is a complete tool. Agatha is some kind of manipulative control freak while Vega is kind of a jerk.

Three weeks in, Minority Report still hasn’t brought anything to the table that can make someone care about what’s going on, and with the current move towards a true almost-murdered mystery a week format, I have to give it a failing grade and suggest we all just move on.

Other Observations

  • The Fidelity blue line has never been so realized.
  • The government sure loves its whole “arrest them before they do anything” playbook.
  • Sometimes I wonder why they try so hard to remind us that this is the future with all the goofy inventions. I haven’t seen this much obvious CGI in a show since Reboot.

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