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The Walking Dead – Thank You Review

In “Thank You” we see the exit of many characters, some random and some known.

To begin with, the episode’s non-stop thrilling pace is what I’ve missed so much about The Walking Dead. There is basically zero downtime in “Thank You”, and to the writers, I have to give them my thanks for that.

Sadly, we see a number of random people who were semi interesting die off after their nameless appearance on the show. It’s unsurprising as these people, even if they were on runs often, were not in the true hard-core FUBAR that the world can be. Still, I think we could have used some of them to fill in the dwindling ranks as a few were semi competent if they survived long enough to get to the town.

The biggest problem with “Thank You” is the lack of positional awareness. I really couldn’t figure out how far everyone was from Alexandria and everywhere else. There wasn’t any real sense of positioning among the different groups, which lead to a bit of a confusing time trying to reconcile where everyone was.

As for notable deaths, Nicholas finally goes out under his own accord. I really didn’t like his character, whose primary job was to get competent people killed.

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 3 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes – The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

But did he get Glenn killed?

Well like all media tropes, unless we see a body (or a body directly getting eaten), we can’t be sure if someone is truly dead. There is a bit of conflicting evidence as to the fate of Glenn, as while we see him fall with Nicholas on top of him, we do not see the walkers actually attacking Glenn. It wouldn’t be the first time Glenn has used the remains of something else to hide in plain sight. We do see the walkers eating away at someone but we can’t be so sure it’s only Nicholas or Glenn. The intestinal material that they were eating wouldn’t come from his chest area if it were his actual chest.

As for the comic curious, Glenn also plays a huge role in a future storyline called the “Saviors” which ties heavily into Alexandria. It’s unclear if that would show up in the television series, but considering it’s significance I would imagine so.

The biggest piece of evidence is the fact that Steven Yeun did not appear on Talking Dead, which would be completely asinine if he had died and not appeared on the show. Furthermore, I would like to note that there was a curious absence of any information regarding episode 4 of this season on the official media site.

So for Glenn’s fate, we have to leave it as a question mark. Though be sure, if you thought the fan response was hostile at Beth’s death, I can only imagine how hostile it will be with Glenn’s death.

Other Observations

  • Why didn’t they just leave Annie behind with some supplies? She’d have been ok till they can round back to rescue her later.
  • Why couldn’t Michonne have tried to grab the note?
  • I don’t really get what Daryl was doing.
  • Glenn calls Rick a dumbass again for old times sake.
  • Rick’s hand is clearly injured, but it’s not clear if it’s bit or just cut, or if it makes a difference at this point.
  • How’s this for a twist? The three black characters survived the slaughter where everyone else basically died.

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