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Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Into the Woods Review

“Into the Woods” is a great escape from the day-to-day of detective work with small stories for everyone.

The nice thing about Brooklyn Nine-Nine is it’s not always about catching the bad guy and solving crimes. It’s a show that’s really about the relationships the team has with each other and the bonds they form.

Terry, Boyle, and Jake go off to a cabin in the woods to give Terry some well deserved time off from the stress of cleaning up after both Jake’s departmental messes and the messes of his kids at home. Of course Jake and Boyle are the least capable of handling a woodland excursion and Terry’s stress really doesn’t go anywhere.

The real star story of the show has to be the pairing of Holt and Rosa as they work though Rosa’s breakup with Marcus. To have the two emotional robots in the department work out how to manage basic human interaction makes for some interesting television, including a hilarious machine like gag with Holt deadpan reciting the full address of a breakup article on in a women’s magazine website. The fact that they both did research on how to handle breakup emotions alone is hilarious, but their combined emotionless calculations on Marcus’s human response is just fascinating and frightening at the same time.

Tina and Amy’s “Shoulder Nova” story was pretty forgettable though, and I’d have prefer to see more Holt and Rosa discovering humanity jokes.

Other Observations

  • Seeing Holt and Rosa get emotional at the same time was like watching to machines learn to cry, even though neither really understands why they are crying. Rather they accept it as an achievement in appropriate display of emotion.
  • “My psychic told me I’m going to die alone in a pit!”
  • ”What is that smell?” “That is the absence of urine…have to leave Brooklyn for that.”

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