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The Walking Dead – Now Review

The Walking Dead continues it’s lurching pace just “Now”.

If Gimple and Company wanted to slow down the chaotic pace of the start of the season, they definitely accomplished it with two character exploration episodes in a row now. But in the end, basically nothing happens this episode other than a collection of still shell-shocked Alexandrians that just can’t understand that the world they cling to doesn’t exist.

To be honest, nothing really happens this week. While there is a lot of standard character development plots, the reality is no one really gains much in the episode. Diana spends most of her time infuriating the audience with her pure PTSD even though her husband’s murder happened some time ago now. I think they were trying to force us to relate to the trauma she experienced, but in the end, I just felt annoyed by her constant catatonic emotions.

The one bright spot has to be Diana calling Spencer out on him stealing food after berating the town about stealing food, only to immediately get called out by Spencer for being disillusioned into making Alexandria a fantasy utopia. It’s a little heavy-handed in fitting with the theme of understanding the world they want doesn’t coincide with the world that is, but I thought it was an effective release of the pent-up frustration at Diana.

Meanwhile, Aaron and Maggie set out to find Glenn. The whole plot line of them headed out to the town to find Glenn only to back out at the last moment is a pointless tease designed to infuriate the viewer. Maggie’s announcement that she was pregnant was completely buried in a sea of sobbing and regret all at once, and I think it completely undercuts the tone of the seriousness of her pregnancy which is a grave injustice to her character. Additionally, the supremely heavy-handed symbolism of Glenn’s name written on the wall of the dead, and then later on erased off, is not lost on me. In fact, I just consider it yet another slap in the face by the show-runners.

Of course next week, we have an episode all about Daryl, Abraham, and Rosita, so I doubt we’ll see any resolution to Glenn’s fate.

Overall, it’s classic Walking Dead doldrums that will infuriatingly last until the end of the year.

Other Observations

  • Possible names for the baby are Aaron or Erin…depending on the sex.
  • Carol wasn’t even in the episode this week. Guess she’s taking a nap.
  • Denise making out with Tara is meant to be edgy, but there’s like no lead in to Denise’s feelings. Besides, this whole event happens over a couple of days.
  • Rick goes on to making out with Jessie, a few days after he executes her husband.
  • Of course the wall starts to breakdown.

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