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Marshal tries to win the affection of his new coworker to make Lily jealous while Ted and Robin fight it out for the attention of Ted’s students.

Jenkins (Amanda Peet) and Marshal

Tonights episode was mainly a silly A-Plot/B-Plot affair that episodic sitcoms are well known for. On one side, we have Marshal trying to hash out the fact that he is the “reacher” of the relationship and Lily is the “settler.” On the other side, we have Ted and Robin fighting it out for the affection of his college students.

Marshal can’t come to grips with the fact that he’s the reacher, the prize of the marriage. He has an inane desire to prove himself as “Big Fudge” via making Lily jealous of Jenkins (Amanda Peet). Whether or not we agree on the semantics of what defines being a reacher or the settler, it’s hard to deny that Marshal’s need to build his personal ego makes him the reacher overall (though by definition anyone married to Alyson Hannigan would be the reacher).

With Ted and Robin, we have an unusual battle to gain the affection of Ted’s students. Robin continues to show her desperation for any type of fandom whereas Ted vies for the respect of his students. Both of these goals stem from an inherent, series long, insecurity by both Ted and Robin.

With both story lines though, Bays and Thomas show us an unsightly result and consequence of our personal needs for self promotion and public admiration (and irony that does not escape me as I write this blog). Everyone is a bit needy, from Ted’s willingness to pay for his student’s drinks to hang out with them, to Marshal’s willingness to allow Jenkins to tell Lily in person about their kiss, despite the inevitable fury that was guaranteed to ensue.

Barney though, was not the catalyst of either one of these story lines and was simply just a background note. Aside from the usual funny enthusiasm to score, Barney really didn’t have much to do with the entire episode (probably since he was directing the episode).

It’s not to say it was a bad episode though, as there were plenty of humorous moments, but perhaps it was too much of a shock letdown after the brilliance of last week’s episode.

Interesting Observations

  • This was a NPH directed episode.
  • Places you dont want to be whern you are in your 30s living in new york
  • Marshal’s grandfather haunts a bar off Route 108
  • “It’s like watching a well lit aquarium, but not as interesting….or well lit” – Ted on Robin’s show
  • Ted talks a lot about failed architects. Perhaps it is a bit self referential?
  • Marshal’s hair has been getting really crazy lately. It’s gotten quite thick again.
  • “It was thick and rough like a starfish arm.” – Marshal on Jenkins’ kiss.
  • I wonder if those pictures Barney took with Lily’s phone will surface.

Places you dont want to be when you are in your 30’s living in New York

  • Times Square on New Year’s Eve
  • Rockefeller Center around Christmas time
  • A college bar

Things Jenkins did

  • $200 to eat the whole jar of cherries
  • Jenkins grind dances to the CFO
  • Jenkins gets on the table and takes off Jenkin’s shirt
  • Peed out the window of a cab

Barneysim of the week: Plan to solve Marshal’s problem as the reacher

  • Step 1, Sleep with Jenkins.
  • Step 2, I sleep with Jenkins first.
  • Step 3, We do step 2 first. I’m gonna get started on step 2.

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