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Fox’s new action show, Human Target, proves itself to be a nonstop action thrill ride that is actually somewhat satisfying.

Human Target makes a strong showing on it’s first night. I guess I have to say the show reminds me of a non stop summer blockbuster action movie that is pretty light on plot but heavy on action and suspense, and it does it pretty well.

Based on a comic book of the same name, “Human Target” revolves around Christopher Chance (Mark Valley), professional body guard, his manager Winston (Chi McBride) and his tech operator Guerrero (Jackie Earle Haley). Each week, someone hires Chance to protect the client, or someone important to the client, from just as nefarious mercenaries bent out for murder or capture. There are plenty of overtones that Chance and his team were once one of these mercenaries and is now putting his skills to help and save people.

The show itself has a episodic “client of the week” feel to it, which works I would say. There is an extreme amount of action in the whole show, with plenty of interesting action sequences that showcase some great fight choreography (fighting in the service vents of a moving high speed bullet train?).

There isn’t too much depth to the show though so far. There isn’t much along the way of plot lines or character development. But if you take the show at face value, I think you will find that that there is a satisfying amount of action and energy to keep you interested for a while. It’s not a show that takes itself very seriously, but rather models itself after the popcorn summer affair we secretly enjoy. I have to wonder if it will be able to keep up this pace though without providing any substance.


  • The first two episodes involve two guest stars from Battlestar Galatica, Tricia Helfer and Alessandro Juliani
  • Chance: “How much of this came out of my taxes? Stephanie: “62 billion” Chance: “Even i want to kill you a little bit”
  • There will be plenty of Jack Bauer vs Christopher Chance comparisons I’m sure.

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