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Who Wants to Be a Godparent?

While lacking in depth, “Who Wants to Be a Godparent?” is a classic style episode with plenty of new Barneyisms and multi-character view flash-forwards.

The episode centers around the naming of a Godparent for baby Marvin, who will take up the responsibility of raising Marvin in the “likely” event that Lily and Marshal meet an untimely end. Though of course for such an honor, rivalry between the gang comes out in spades and all try to one up each other for the honor.

Ted and Robin keep it simple at least, increasing the size of their gift teddy bear each round. Of corse Barney has to take it in his own way, styling his efforts around classic nursery rhymes (and costumes) perverted in the typical Barney style. Eventually, we end up in a fun new gameshow called “Who Wants to Be a Godparent?” headlined by none other than the gameshow loving fiend Marshal. It’s a simple plot device that allows us to flash forward with glimpses of how each friend would raise Marvin in various situations. Obviously Barney goes towards the skeazey path, with trips to Amsterdam and $1900 belts, winning him no points. Ted merely has points by being the least shocking contestant. Hilariously, it’s Robin that ends up with the most points not because she’s the best, but because Barney is just too dirty and Ted is too much of a weenie.

Overall, it’s not the strongest of episodes, which is odd considering it’s a very rare full cast ensemble story, but it does contain a deep message about friendships in the changing face of growing and dynamic family situations. Many of our friends seem to have fallen off the planet in lieu of taking care of their newborns. And while it is true that once you have a baby, “it’s the only thing in your life,” often we can forget that we may leave those of us who were already in our lives behind. (Coincidently, one of my good friends who also spends a lot of time discussing How I Met Your Mother with me just had a baby a couple weeks ago) Growing families are meant to be shared with those we care about, and sometimes in the hustle of keeping up with a newborn we can forget this fact, isolating us when we do have time to spend with our friends.

Other Observations

  • Professor Info-saurus
  • Ted of course caves instantly in the face of puppy-dog eyes
  • Robin ended up in an British Columbia Military School for Boys.
  • Ted owes Victoria’s dad $70,000 for her wedding
  • Robin is totally wearing her Avengers outfit with Nick, on his corn-fed moped for hippies.
  • You smell that? That’s the smell of urine that isn’t Marvin.
  • New York is a paradise for coroners.
  • Diaper Daily Double, Binds and Bees, Our Demise, Potty Training, Discipline, Learning to Drive, Bedtime Story, Tooth Fairy-Santa-Bigfoot


  • The Bro-ler – A stroller with a convenient camera for observing cleavage while ladies are distracted observing the baby.
  • is yet another site where you can find the great Barney Stinson library which includes The Bro Code and The Playbook
  • Old McDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-Bro!
  • Row row row your bro-t, gently to the bar. Hit on sluts and do ten shots…
  • The boobs on the bus go up and down….up and down..up and down..

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