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“Splitsville” concludes our Autumn of Breakups with the merciful end to Robin and Nick’s relationship. The journey, though, is filled with setbacks of the steamy kind.

“Splitsville” deals with the concept of breaking up with someone whom you know you deep down know you don’t want to be with, but just can’t get away thanks to some feature or idea of them than you can’t shake. In Ted’s case earlier, it was the idea that Victoria was his supposed destiny. In Barney’s case, it was the idea of being with a stripper who was just as crazy as he. Here in Robin’s case, it’s the fact that Nick was had this pure animalistic hold on her, despite him being dumb as a rock. If it weren’t for the three days of a pulled groin muscle preventing them from having sex, we might never have seen her realize how dumb he truly was.

This was actually a rarer single story episode, as the basketball league side story was pretty integral to the Nick and Robin relationship plot. (Marshal refuses to allow Robin to break Nick’s heart till after they win the championships.) Centrally focused on Robin and Nick, we see a lot of funny back and forward as the gang observes Robin failing over and over again, leading to Barney’s genius ultimatum of an 8PM deadline to an automated invite to Robin-stalker Patrice to have a BFF day with Robin.

The real heart of the episode is of course Barney’s monologue profession of love for Robin, an performance worthy of an “Oscar for best fake romantic speech” that to everyone in the room and at home, was obviously coming from a place deep in his heart. The best acting comes from a real place the heart resides, and a speech like that could never have been truly faked, not with the powerful sincerity of the delivery. (An ironic statement considering this is a fictional show with actors.) Robin could hear the sincerity, as well as the gang listening in on the phone. No matter how much he may hide it, it’s pretty easy to “fake” something when it’s actually true but labeled as fake.

It’s an obvious start to what will eventually become the wedding at which Ted meets his wife, and I’m all the more excited that we are finally getting the story moving on.

Other Observations

  • Lily’s usually peculiar urges were in high gear tonight, to the point that it was uncomfortable for everyone
  • Even the T-Squares think Ted is too much nerd.
  • Splitsville is a hilariously good name for a desert place, that also doubles as the number one place to break up with someone.
  • Groin’s on Ice – least popular Madison Square Garden show ever
  • “Is Nick a genius? No. Is he a guy with average intelligence‚Ķno”
  • “I feel like I pulled a groin muscle, in my heart”
  • This women has a hold on my heart that I could not break if I wanted to and there have been times I wanted to. It has been overwhelming, humbling, and even painful at times, but I could not stop loving her any more than I could stop breathing. I am hopelessly, irretrievably in love with her. More than she knows”.


  • “I’m Bro-ing you out.” – Taking one for the team to get your Bro out of a situation you can’t seem to manage on your own.

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