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The Stamp Tramp

How I Met Your Mother - The Stamp Tramp Two life altering story lines come to light in “The Stamp Tramp” as well as the unsurprising yet humorous revelation that Ted hasn’t had an original idea in his entire life.

“The Stamp Tramp” revolves around the idea of a friend who is always giving his stamp of approval onto everything and everyone, despite how horrible of an idea, restaurant, or person they might be. In this case, Marshal, predictably, gives his approval around to anyone and everyone. From a horrible “F improved to a D” clam chowder, to his former law school classmate turned homeless washout Brad, Marshal just sees the good in everyone and everything, despite what’s plainly in front of him.

Unfortunately, this good hearted nature that we love about Marshal is his undoing, as Brad is really a corporate spy sent in to find out Honeywell and Coote’s strategy for their upcoming case. This is a huge life defining moment for Marshal though, as now with the abandonment by his co-workers and the threat of termination, Marshal is going to have to win this case against all odds without any help or support versus an opponent who has no qualms in exploring Marshal’s good heart.

Meanwhile, Ted, in order to prove that he has original ideas and can set trends, views dozens of taped diaries he made back in college. (Today we’d call them vlogs! Heh) Hilariously, and unsurprisingly, it pretty much turns out that Ted didn’t have a single original idea. We get to revisit a bunch of fun motifs from earlier seasons. We finally learn that Dr. X was joke suggestion by a former roommate. We find that every decision he ever made in school was a bad idea, and was told of that before by Lily (whom’s stamp of approval is as good as gold). We also get to revisit college douche hipster Ted in all his lame glory.

Finally, Barney and Robin create a new sporting event. Finding Barney a new strip club! With Robin as Barney’s agent, her task is to fight though all the different clubs in the area and get him the best deal with the most reveal.

Overall, “The Stamp Tramp” is a simple and very fast moving episode. It moves the general storyline along a little bit and gives long time viewers a healthy nod to nostalgia as we come to the close of the series.

Other Observations

  • Robin got thrown out of the strip club for being to handsy.
  • Teddy Westside – piggyback stamper
  • Lily’s stamp is golden
  • Joe Lo Truglio (Reno 911) plays founding partner Mr. Honeywell


  • The Brodium – Podium for the “Find a new exclusive strip club” press conference.
  • Barney ends up selecting Mouthbeach. I wonder if we’ll see the club anytime and if it’ll look different than the Lusty Leopard.

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