Super Bowl 2013 Ad Best Of

Winter brings out the best advertisements money can buy during the Super Bowl, and this year’s selection had some notables. Overall, I found this year’s Super Bowl ad selection to be generally lackluster, there were a few stand outs worth mentioning.

Best Slogan

I definitely have to give this year’s best new slogan to Bud Light with their two Bayou spots centered around the slogan “It’s only weird if it doesn’t work.” It’s a simple theme that is rememberable and applicable to everyone’s life.

Based around the idea of New Orleans Bayou voodoo, the main characters reach out to a local shaman for help with their team. The ads themselves were not terrible, but it’s the slogan that stands out.

Funniest Ad

While Doritos had a very strong showing this year as always, I have to give the funniest ad award to Taco Bell with their “Viva Young” ad.

A set of geriatrics escape their nursing home late at night and run around town causing all kinds of mischief as if they were teenagers. The imagery of these seniors in weird and compromising situations makes for a great laugh on top of the hilarious spanish rendition of fun’s “We Are Young.”

Honorable mentions are of course for Doritos and Speed Stick.

Best Art Ad

Along with humor, Super Bowl ads also encompass ads with high levels of art and emotional content, and this year continued to deliver. While Jeep and USO’s ad promoting our wounded veterans was very touching under the reading of Oprah, I have to give the best emotional ad to Ram Trucks “Farmer” read by Paul Harvey.

The ad reminds us as Americans that we founded this country on the backs of the farmers, and that we shouldn’t forget their sacrifice and endurance to provide our country with the sustenance we need to be a strong nation.

Fanboy Award

As a final note, I have to say that I’m still a giant Kate Upton fanboy, and as such, I must link the one Mercedees ad she appears in.

While not the funniest or flashiest ad, it does star a number of big names alongside Upton, and personally, I would probably sign that contract if I were in his shoes if she were included.

You can watch all of the ads on the AdBliz YouTube Channel

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