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The Walking Dead – Always Accountable Review

In the continuing slog though narratives, we slice off some time with Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha.

Twenty miles outside of Alexandria, Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha have completed their mission and head back, but for some reason, they go though a hostile town. It’s unclear what this town is, other than they had several guys with automatic weapons firing upon them (and miraculously not hitting anyone) while giving chase. Of course, we can’t have a Walking Dead episode without some super isolated character development, so Daryl gets split off from Abraham and Sasha.

The episode does focus mostly on Daryl, but in the end, I don’t think they really do much with his character. In explicitly, somehow random couple with random teen girl gets the jump on Daryl and capture him, thinking he is one of this militia force hunting for them. I’m not sure what their real plan was other than to maybe trade Daryl for forgiveness? It wasn’t really clear to me the whole purpose of what they were doing other than trying to escape from their city. Daryl, in typical “stupid” fashion, quickly escapes from their custody, but of course comes back to help them once he sees the insulin in the pack he grabbed during the escape.

Still though, there was a lot of attempted suspense with the group attempting to capture them. It’s unknown who they are, other than I suspect they are “The Saviors” from the comic series, a group of hostile survivors, located about 20 miles from Alexandria. Based on the context, this is a highly organized group with military style training which corresponds to the fact that this town that Sasha and Abraham end up in was an Army town of some kind.

Of course since this is Walking Dead, we can assume there will be yet another war of factions coming very soon, with the Alexandrians fighting against these new aggressive people that seem to have founded their base during the fall of civilization. Maybe it’s a little bit of self spoilers by knowing some of the comic story lines, but the predictability of the series just lends itself to knowing how things are going to go down.

Meanwhile Sasha and Abraham are stuck waiting around for Daryl to find them after wrecking their car, which is strange I thought. These are two capable survivors, so I imagine that they would just head off back to Alexandria on their own. I suppose they do have loyalty to Daryl, but I’m not sure how any of these people would have linked back up again so easily if their radios were not working. Also, it doesn’t quite make sense why these radios didn’t work. How far away did Daryl end up that they couldn’t reach each other? We know the radios can work at least five miles away, and there’s just no way they were more than a few miles apart.

- The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
– The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Mostly centered around Abraham, the B story sees Abraham coming to terms with his own death wish. It feels a bit forced though as we’ve really spent little time with Abraham to understand his current motivations, and his odd but minor death wish seems to come out of nowhere. Other than an infuriating scene where I was convinced the fence would fall and Abraham would injure himself off the bridge, not much seems to happen to even warrant a change in character.

The most interesting part of the episode has to be Daryl’s exhibition of his long-standing hope for building a society. He returns to asking the two questions they did when they build the prison group up, “how many walkers have you killed?” and “how many people have you killed?” Daryl hasn’t given up on finding people and helping others, but when the jerk couple steals his bike and crossbow, you can just see the defeated emotions in his eyes.

Overall, “Always Accountable” is another confusing mess of an episode that does little to advance.

Other Observations

  • I’m not sure how that teen girl survived so long yet still was so stupid.
  • The jerk couple implied they had some hand in the forest burning. It seemed like it was a fuel based or napalm based burn since everything looked like it burned hot and fast. Considering they are near a military installation of some sort, and a fuel depot, these people could have constructed some time of bomb to make a last line of defense against the undead.
  • Abraham gets an RPG with a bunch of ammo. why didn’t he grab the Humvee too?
  • How can these guys not hit Daryl on his bike at nearly point-blank range?
  • It’s the fruit of some off the chart stupidity. Grade A butt steak idiotic”
  • The writers continue to troll the audience with a faint radio distress call that kind of sounds like Glenn

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