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Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Into the Woods Review

“Into the Woods” is a great escape from the day-to-day of detective work with small stories for everyone.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Halloween III Review

It’s Halloween again and that means only one thing. It’s time for Peralta vs Holt’s epic competition. Who will take home the literal crown this year?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – The Oolong Slayer Review

It took a few weeks, but we finally get what we hoped for at the Nine-Nine.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Boyle’s Hunch Review

In “Boyle’s Hunch” we finally get to see something positive start to happen in Boyle’s love life but can he find happiness this time?

Minority Report – Hawk-Eye Review

“Hawk-Eye” sees it’s first demos in Minority Report but can it save the day?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – The Funeral Review

Brooklyn Nine-Nine brings on the laughs in the season premiere followup “The Funeral.”

The Grinder – Pilot Review

The Grinder promises to be a fun romp that skewers every law show cliche in the book with the full level of seriousness and commitment that just brings on the insane absurdity.

Minority Report – Mr. Nice Guy Review

Minority Report episode “Mr. Nice Guy” gives us a little more insight into Dash, but is it capable of making us actually care about the pre-cogs?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – New Captain Review

Brooklyn 99 returns for it’s third season with “New Captain” with new leadership, new relationships, and more of the same insanity.

Scream Queens Pilot Review

FOX’s Scream Queens tries to evoke the 90s horror genre in a serialized tv format, but does it scare or sedate?

Minority Report Pilot Review

FOX’s Minority Report comes out with a flashy premiere in its followup to the 2002 movie staring Tom Cruise, but does it have the staying power and appeal of its predecessor?

2014 Fall Preview

It’s that time of year again, and there is a lot of excitement on the flat-screen. The Fall 2014 season marks the year of new romances, new super heroes, and new thrills in the White House.

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